The Funkot Wiki


The Funkot Wiki was opened March 16th 2019. The goal of this wiki is to provide a central resource for all things funkot - that will remain online indefinitely. Much of the information surrounding funkot isn't available on the internet in English, so the primary focus is on English content - however I do hope we can expand into other languages and leverage this wiki to provide translations where possible.

Submitting or modifying content

At this current point in time, the ability to submit and modify content is locked to registered users only - and the process to become a registered user is manually vetted. You can contact me via james (at) funkot.net if you have some information to add and would like to become a registered user.


Please understand that in many cases information has to be sourced from foreign blogs and services and then translated, as a result of this the accuracy of information is on a best effort case and you may run into some inaccuracies. In the interest of preservation, relevant photos that are in the public domain (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr etc) have been used in some cases as sources - faces have been blurred where possible unless permission has been given by the original author. In the case of public content such as news articles or interviews where a DJ or producer is the main subject - these remain in their original form.

Let's spread funkot to the world!

- James

-- Update - I would love to continue using the current site software (TikiWiki) - however at this point I don't believe it's going to be an ideal solution. For now the wiki is on hold until a decision is made on what to migrate to.